“House of End” First Person Game Built with Unreal Development Kit


As part of Video Game design class I enjoyed learning and working with Epic’s Unreal Development Kit which is a game engine used in many blockbuster games today. We explored various topics in game development including texturing, materials, sound cues, 3D modelling, soft body meshes, rigid meshes, user interactivity , Kismet triggered actions, Matinee sequence events, additive and subtractive brush techniques, and surface lighting. I also gained experience with a wide range of software utilized in game development such as 3D Maya, Photoshop, GIMP , and sound editing programs. The semester project include teaming up with another classmate and developing a standalone game. My teammate Ivan and I decided to create a survival horror themed game called “House of End”. Here is a link to the game’s website including a full download of our final game: https://houseofend.wordpress.com/


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