White Horse Website built with Angular 2 and Node.js


For my very first freelance job, I was commissioned to develop a basic eCommerce website for a local business. This website was to display basic business information (like store location and hours) as well as retrieve inventory information from the store’s POS systems and display the products to users. Furthermore, the website must be fully responsive for mobile users and tested on all major web browsers.

We utilized Node.js/Express.js to act as a proxy between our website and the Bindo POS Api that the business used. This proxy also handled automated email delivery to the store for customer inquires using MailGun.

Our front-end web app was built with Angular 2 and Angular Router to create a seamless website with very small loading times and few calls to the webserver. Bootstrap 3 and Angular Bootstrap were incorporated as the CSS framework to provide consistent styling and structure throughout the user experience.

The website is currently hosted on Heroku and can be visited here:



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