White Horse Website built with Angular 2 and Node.js


For my very first freelance job, I was commissioned to develop a basic eCommerce website for a local business. This website was to display basic business information (like store location and hours) as well as retrieve inventory information from the store’s POS systems and display the products to users. Furthermore, the website must be fully responsive for mobile users and tested on all major web browsers.

We utilized Node.js/Express.js to act as a proxy between our website and the Bindo POS Api that the business used. This proxy also handled automated email delivery to the store for customer inquires using MailGun.

Our front-end web app was built with Angular 2 and Angular Router to create a seamless website with very small loading times and few calls to the webserver. Bootstrap 3 and Angular Bootstrap were incorporated as the CSS framework to provide consistent styling and structure throughout the user experience.

The website is currently hosted on Heroku and can be visited here:



CloudBase Website (Fullstack built with Sails.js, MongoDB, and Angular)


My next foray into web development included full stack development for a self contained web application. CloudBase is designed to be a vape juice recipe repository, that brings a user friendly web app for users to create and display community made recipes. This project is logically split into the front end and the back end.


Sails.js was the chosen technology to manage all parts of the API backend. I used Sails.js to setup the API routes and handlers. It also acts as an ORM to interface with my MongoDB database where all recipes, flavors, and user data is stored. Sails.js also performs authentication for users to access their profiles on the webapp.


I used Angular for my frontend MVC web app framework. Using angular router, we are able to serve users graphically friendly views of all the recipes stored in CloudBase database as well as create their own. Angular Material was chosen as the CSS framework, because of the rich web components it delivers with seamless Angular integration.


The entire project is hosted with Amazon Web Services in the cloud along with all the user uploaded images being stored in Amazon S3 buckets.

All related source code can be found in my Github repo:


We Love Leeks Website built with HTML/CSS/JQuery


As part of web development learning, I built a basic one page website devoted to cooking with leeks. This website is built using JQuery and the Materialize CSS framework. In addition to basic leek knowledge; Edamam’s API is called to supply all kinds of leek related recipes.

Although the concept is silly, this basic website allowed me to learn the basics of AJAX calls with Javascript, CSS formatting, and good design principals. The site is currently hosted with Apigee and can be visited at the following URL:


Source code for this project can be found on Github: